CGI WebMailer

Use free CGI WebMailer! You can create a variety of online forms using free form builders on the Internet. But always with advertisements on your website or displayed in the auto response message.

If you don't like the ads then use free CGI WebMailer! A completely integrated and out-of-the- box contact form solution for your website.

If you ever wanted a neat website contact form that your visitors can use to send you feedback, now you can get it easily for free and run it on your own server.

WebMailer is a quick and easy way to send email from website forms. It works with either UNIX sendmail or with an SMTP server so that the program can be used on UNIX or Windows servers.

It has built in checks for required fields and email addresses in proper format and can send an auto response message.

For security reasons, WebMailer uses an identifier lookup table hard coded into the top of the script so that recipients can be strictly controlled and email addresses are not exposed in the HTML code of the forms.

Additionally, the auto-response message is hard coded into the script so that it cannot be tampered with.

While these things limit some flexibility of the script, they are absolutely essential security precautions. No HTML code in your online form. The right way to block spam!

Free CGI WebMailer

  • Only one CGI script and a template.html
  • You may wish to rename template.html to .php or .asp. etc.
  • Copy/paste your website layout in only one template file
  • Readable CGI source code and simple to use
  • Easy language customization
  • Very easy to configure (fill in your details)
  • Automatic reply (response) - on or off
  • Write your own auto reply text in webmailer.cgi
  • Example form "form.html" edit to suit your requirements
  • Required fields, indicate them only with one asterisk (*) to indicate mandatory field
  • Etc. etc.
  • $0.00

Paid Version

  • Anti Spam Verification
  • Perl CAPTCHA security
  • URLs, scripts and HTML code are not allowed
  • $19.00

Free or Paid CGI WebMailer A contact form that actually has something more!

"Contact us" forms are essential for almost any website. The contact us form provides an easy interface through which your visitors can communicate to you.

Your visitors can quickly submit their feedback, views, opinions and suggestions about your website, products or services.

How to implement CGI WebMailer into Sandvox 2
How to implement CGI WebMailer into RapidWeaver

I have created a simple CGI Script you can download, the YouTube tutorials above will provide you with the information you need to implement and change on the actual script.

This script is free, however should you need assistance installing the script, there will be an installation fee.

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