Handbook Part 2

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  • Necessary installation skills, basic HTML knowledge.
    To install Datalogica's Shopping Cart script you need some basic understanding of HTML and recommended Perl/CGI and how they work! Knowledge of Perl is not required for installing and running the CGI Shopping Cart script.

    If you have no basic HTML knowledge at all, or it is all far too difficult or complicated, please do not hesitate to contact Datalogica, I offer guaranteed installation service.

    I know that many people do not always have enough skills to install a CGI script. Therefore, I'll show below the correct method to install the script. If you have problems with the installation, Datalogica offers guaranteed installation service for any of my software.

    First upload path.cgi (CHMOD to 755) to find the correct paths and the path to perl.

    Before you begin, change the path to perl if necessary. By default, all the (necessary) files are /usr/bin/perl, but for certain web servers you may need to change it to: /usr/local/bin/perl.

    Leave your browser open, example URL: http://www.mysite.com/cgi-bin/path.cgi

    Open the file cartconfig.pl and change all required fields. You can use (for Windows machines), WordPad if you don't have a text editor for the Mac use TextEdit.

    Do not panic, it's nothing special, just edit some fields to make them work correctly.

  • File: cartconfig.pl (examples are embedded into the script)
    ## URLs. An URL often begins with http:// (Full URLs are recommended)!
    # URL to the store program:

    # Secure URL to cart program. USE HTTPS if needed, i.e. https://www.mysite.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi

    # URL to the admin program (MUST BE SECURE if using Manual or Authorize.net)! Use https!

    # URL to the show order program. Full URL required!

    # Continue shopping link:

    # URL to folder where the product photos go. Note: No trailing slash at the end!

    # URL to HTML product pages folder (MUST NOT BE THE SAME AS THE REST OF YOUR WEB PAGES!)

    The above part was about filling-in your URLs. Let's go further with filling-in your paths.

  • The previous part was basically about a full URL, such as http://www.mysite.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi.
    The following section deals with changing the right (correct) paths. You have uploaded path.cgi, and your browser is open.

    Now go to your website (your URL) where you have placed path.cgi, below an example:
    Example URL: http://www.mysite.com/cgi-bin/path.cgi (path.cgi must be CHMOD 755).

    At DOCROOT it shows the path to photos and html folders. Not your cgi-bin! You can also see "Working directory", this would be the correct path for your server.

    Example: /var/home/mysite.com/public_html/cgi-bin

    YouTube Configuration Tutorial

    On a Windows server? Click here.

    The rest of 'cartconfig.pl' is quite easy, "sendmail" is used by UNIX servers and SMTP for Windows servers. In cartconfig.pl you are able to change a lot, as image position left or right, modify number of rows, credit card and different payment options etc. etc.

    Datalogica's CGI Shopping Cart script also works on a Windows server, but not the free version.

  • Because we have used the path.cgi file, everything will be considerably easier.
    You will need to know the following things about your hosting service before you can install the shopping cart.

    1) Whether the server hosting your web site is UNIX, Apple or Windows based?
    2) If the system is UNIX or Apple based you will need to know, the paths to Perl and sendmail.
    3) If the server is Windows based you will need to know, an IP address or domain name for an available SMTP server.

    Note! The free Shopping Cart will not work on Windows servers.

    I assume that you first configured cartconfig.pl correctly and that each URL and all the paths were set correctly.

    The following files must be changed on your server to chmod 0755:
           Read  Write  Execute
    Owner  X     X      X
    Group  X            X
    World  X            X

    admin.cgi 755 (file) in cgi-bin
    cart.cgi 755 (file) in cgi-bin
    review.cgi 755 (file) in cgi-bin
    coupon.cgi 755 (file) in cgi-bin

    The following files must be changed on your server to chmod 0644:
           Read  Write  Execute
    Owner  X     X      
    Group  X            
    World  X            

    cartconfig.pl 644 (file) in cgi-bin
    authorize.pl 644 (file) in cgi-bin
    template.html 644 (file) in cgi-bin

    The following folders must be changed on your server to chmod 0777:

           Read  Write  Execute
    Owner  X     X      X
    Group  X     X      X
    World  X     X      X

    cartdata 777 (folder) in cgi-bin
    dAtaloGIca 777 (folder) in cgi-bin
    customer + order 777 (folder) in cgi-bin
    photos 777 (folder) in public_html = NOT IN CGI-BIN
    html 777 (folder) in public_html = NOT IN CGI-BIN

    All other underlying txt files (in your cgi-bin), are created automatically by the system. Click here to see an example image of your cgi-bin on your server.

    You can now visit your website, example: http://www.mysite.com/cgi-bin/admin.cgi. By default, the login name and password are demo, in cartconfig.pl you can change both.

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