Install Service

Inexpensive Guaranteed Installation Service As a service to my free and paid customers, I guarantee I will work with you to ensure the successful installation of Datalogica products.

Guaranteed Installation

Having trouble? Changing certain files is too hard? Or you simply do not dare?

I am happy to help!

To install my scripts you will need a basic understanding of HTML, Perl CGI scripts and how they work.

Only 39.00 USD. Datalogica offers inexpensive guaranteed installation service for any of my products.

If I cannot successfully install the script on your web server, regardless of where it is hosted, you will receive a 100% refund.

To proceed with the installation I need:

A (temporary) full FTP access to your server. Including your host or IP address, the username and the password. Set permissions to upload, delete, edit files.

Choose Product:

Choose Server:

Your URL, example:

Installing Software Support

I am able to perform this work in the fastest and most effective manner. Usually it takes up to one business day to fulfill the service if no difficulties occur. The installation service is performed on weekends too!

Shopping Cart Implementation

I also help to implement the CGI Shopping Cart into your Sandvox website, so that you can quickly start your online venture and sell more products in less time. Get a Free Quote! »

Building completely custom web applications can be expensive and many of my customers are small businesses who come to me with small budgets. In order to assist these clients in getting the best value for their money, I will implement the shopping cart into your Sandvox website from $75 to $150 USD.