CGI Basket

The Easy Shopping Cart CGI Basket is an e-commerce software in Perl. Designed to assists all e-commerce professionals to integrate an efficient shopping cart application in their website.

Using this script, you would be able to customize your shopping cart by either adding or removing " Add to Basket " buttons using an editor which is included.

If you need a 'quick start' and want to have an immediate Internet presence, I offer free website templates that can be quickly customized and put up on the Internet.

These 'quick start' templates are fully functional. It will display your shopping cart and present your company in a professional manner.

A new customer comes into your store and purchases, say, a tomato plant. You receive your customers email address and save it. A short time later, another email can go out with information on pesticides, with a coupon code to give your valued customer a discount.

Coupon codes are an excellent way to encourage your customers to shop at your website. CGI Basket provides an easy way for you to create coupon codes that will let your customers save either a fixed amount or a percentage of their order. All they have to do is enter one of your coupon codes during checkout.

There are two carts that I use for my clients (depending on there needs). These shopping carts are all created and managed by Datalogica Software, so you are dealing directly with the person who wrote the code.

Once I know your needs I can suggest the cart that best fits your needs, but feel free to browse the demo shopping carts and see how they work.

Free CGI Basket

  • Provides an installation wizard with one installation script
  • Secure web based setup control panel
  • Custom tax and ship rates
  • Easy language customization
  • No messy configuration files
  • Store Discount and Coupon codes
  • Works in any web browser
  • Unlimited products
  • Option Fields (size and color)
  • Easily create custom option fields
  • No code required
  • Simply place your complete website layout in templates
  • Theme support
  • Etc. etc.
  • MySQL is not required

Payment Options

  • PayPal *
  • *
  • iTransact *
  • 2Checkout *
  • NoChex *
  • Offline credit card transactions
  • Money Order
  • COD
  • $0.00

* Paid version only.

The Easy Shopping Cart Super simple, fast and easy to use!

Create excellent HTML product pages and web " Add to Basket " buttons with minimum effort!

You don't have to know HTML, JavaScript, CSS or any other coding languages to make search engine friendly product pages.

CGI Basket is the result of extensive research and development.

Working closely with our customers around the globe we have developed a world class, easy to install and fully customizable CGI shopping cart solution that is both easy to use and powerful.

CGI Basket instantly connects to your Internet merchant account and starts taking orders from your website in minutes.

One price for a lifetime license means there are no monthly fees! And with customizable templates, you can have your store up and running fast.

Datalogica Software is tailored for you! Use the Free Version | Buy Now

PayPal Shopping Cart You've decided you want to sell online, and that is a great decision. In this day and age if you are not selling online you are missing a huge opportunity in boosting your profits. Whether you're an individual selling from home or a high profile merchant taking orders for delivery worldwide, you can stand to profit from online sales.

NoChex Shopping Cart NoChex Shopping Cart Opening your business to the Internet creates huge opportunity. If you deliver nation wide, you can reach thousands of prospective buyers who may not even know you exist otherwise. And if you offer services globally, you can increase that figure to hundreds of thousands. There is no limit. With a stellar shopping basket solution and effective promotion your profits can skyrocket. Shopping Cart iTransact Shopping Cart With CGI Basket, you not only have incredible ease of use and flexibility. You also have the security of knowing CGI Basket is the result of years of shopping basket research and development, built on the positive results of our satisfied clients world-wide. With CGI Basket, you now have the tool you need to sell online and dramatically increase your sales.

The price of some of my "PHP competitors software" can make your wallet cringe. They are trying to equate higher prices with higher quality but you are smarter than that. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a high quality product and in fact you shouldn't.